Daffodils/Narcissus for the Southern Gardener


                                                                 Growing Daffodils in Dixie, bulb

                                                                    selections for the Southern Garden.


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Spider Lily


red spider lily

These are true southern gems that bloom in the early fall


N. Jonquilla





 Narcissus or Daffodils


miscellaneous bulbs

                             Spring SpecialsTiger Lilies


Southern Heirloom Daffodils homesouthern lily

N.Actae                                                        9W-YYR         Pre 1919 Historic

N. Actae
This one has been a surprise for me. It just keeps returning and blooming every year. I have them growing in the lawn shaded half the day by the house. It is growing well in North Louisiana. Recommended by the Master Gardeners in Tyler, Texas. White petals with a small red rimmed yellow cup. A very elegant addition to your late bloomers.
Zones 3- 8                               15" - 17" tall       mid late spring

3 for $5.00                               7 for $11.00       15 for $21.00

Photo provided courtesy of Jay Yourch
sold out
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N. Aflame                                                     3W-YOO         Pre 1938 Historic

N. Aflame
A lovely heirloom that is growing good in north Louisiana. It has thick creamy white overlapping petals. The cup is a deep orange with gold at the base. The pollen parent is N. Hades 2W-R a Mrs. R.O. Backhouse hybrid from 1921. Blooms are one to a stem. Tall and blooms early for a division 3. We need more feedback from the lower parts of zone 8 but it is growing good in the upper part of zone 8.
Zones 3 - 8                             18" - 24" tall        blooms early mid spring
5 for $6.00                             10 for $11.00        20 for $20.00

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N. Avalanche                                                   8W-Y            1700 Historic

N. Avalanche 

Perfect for the south. A tazetta recommended in the books-'Daffodils in Florida', 'Garden Bulbs For The South', and 'Bulbs for Warm Climates'. Tall with multiple blooms that are a creamy white. Small bright yellow cups. Very tough and easy to grow. We have them in the lawn. Will make large clumps. Fragrant. Larger Photo's in Photo Gallery


Zones 6 - 9                            16" - 22" Tall        Blooms early mid spring


3 for $5.00                              7 for $11.00        14 for $22.00


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N. Barrett Browning                                         3WWY-O         1945

N. Barrett Browning
A nice large flower that is growing across the south. Even grows in Florida. White petals with a deep orange cup that has a hint of yellow in it.  It can take heavier soils and our heat. I have this one planted in the lawn with some shade.
Zones  3-8                              14"-16" Tall         blooms early mid spring  
3 for $5.00                               7 for $11.00        15 for $21.00

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N. Birma                                    3Y-O           pre 1960

n birma 


Yellow petals with bright orange cups will stand out in any planting. It is growing well for us here in north Louisiana. It is early blooming for a division 3 small cupped daffodil.  Very showy.
zones 4-8                              12"-20" tall          early mid spring
4 for $5.00                             10 for $12.00       20 for $22.00 

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N. Campernelle (N.x odorus)                  13Y-Y                               1601 Heirloom 



True Southern Heirloom Giant Jonquils as we refer to them in the South with 2 to 4 large fragrant golden yellow blooms that shout Home in the Heart of Dixie. This one is Southern Country down to it's roots with a natural wildflower look. For a bold show plant with N. x incomparablis (Sir Watkin ) as they flower together here and put on a stunning show in a side yard every spring.

Zones 6-9          12"-16" tall          Blooms mid spring

3 for $6.00        10 for $18.00         20 for $32.00

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N. Carbineer                                                    2Y-O              1927 Historic

N. Carbineer 

This is another daffodil that should be in every planting. Growing in Florida and was recommended in the 1955 Louisiana State University  daffodil trial. A tough daffodil that resist fading. Yellow pointed petals with bright orange cups complete the heirloom look. There are several large clumps of these at an old home site in town surviving under the deciduous shrubs with no care. Multiplies.


Zones 3 - 8                            14" - 18" tall          blooms early mid-spring


3 for $5.00                             7 for $11.00         15 for $21.00


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N. Carlton                                                         2Y-Y               1927 Historic

n carlton 

We have seen these daffodils growing outside of town on the site where the old mansion once stood. These would have been planted over 50 years ago and are still blooming in large clumps with no care. It is a large, tough daffodil. One of the best perennial daffodils for the south - no mansion required. Larger Photo's in photo gallery.

Zones 3-9                                18"-20" tall          early spring

4 for $5.00                             10 for $12.00        20 for $22.00

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N. Ceylon                                                          2Y-O              1943 Historic

N. Ceylon
A great choice for anywhere in the south. This one can grow in Florida. Yellow petals with orange cups. The rim on the cup is a deep orange. Color does not fade. Happier with some afternoon shade. I have seen clumps of these in full sun and under shrubs. Larger photo's in photo gallery.

Zones 3-8                               14"-16" tall          blooms early mid spring


3 for $5.00                              7 for $11.00        15 for $21.00

Photo provided courtesy of Jay Yourch
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N. Curly                                                          2Y-Y               1968

N. Curly 
A proven perennial daffodil that is often overlooked for the northern parts of zone 8. Has a very curly yellow cup with lighter yellow overlapping petals. One of the brightest colors and it almost looks double. 

Zones 8-10                            10"-12"  tall         very early


3 for $5.00                              7 for $11.00       15 for $21.00

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N. Delibes                                                      2Y-0              1950

N. Delibes 
I love yellow daffodils with orange cups and this one is a doll. Round yellow petals with a bright orange rim on the large cup. Has been growing good in North Louisiana and check out the photos in the Gallery of it in trial just north of Houston, Texas. Very Showy. Larger Photo's in photo gallery.
Zones 3-8                             12" - 16" tall                    blooms early mid spring
3 for $5.00                             7 for $11.00                     15 for $21.00



Photo provided courtesy
 of Jay Yourch
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