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Red Spider Lily


Not knowing if or when she would ever see her family again, my Great Grandmother Lee moved here to North Louisiana from Mississippi in the late 1800's.  She moved to get married and start her own family.  She brought with her a few Spider Lily bulbs that came from her grandmother's home place.  It was just a small piece of home she was taking with her to this far away strange new place where she was going to build a future.  This was long before telephones so she welcomed these visitors early every fall when they popped out of the ground blood red on 18" bare stems.  A part of her mother & grandmother were here with her in these flowers, these magical red spider lilies that could bring so much love from so far away.


When her daughter, my grandmother, married and moved to her new farm she in turn carried with her a few of these red spider lily bulbs.  She planted these bulbs under the large oak trees in front of her house where they have thrived and multiplied. 


A few years ago I purchased my grandmother's farm and moved here.  To my surprise early each fall these magical red spider lilies from my ancestors' past, spring to life and I can almost reach through time and hold my great grandmother's hand.  I am also close enough to my great grandmother's old home place that I can still see the spider lilies that are still thriving there also.  They are a hardy breed.

red spider lily

red spider closeup

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