How to Grow Daffodils in the South

                                                                   A little country wisdom on growing daffodils in the south.



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Growing bulbs in the South


Planting and Growing Parrot Gladiolus , Bearded Iris , Spanish Hyacinth



Gladiolus dalenii, Gladiolus natalensis

Common Name: Parrot Gladiolus

Hardy Zones 7-10 here in the South. We plant ours in the Fall starting the last week of September and all through October. Plant 4 to 6 inches deep in good draining soil. They like full sun. Mulch to protect from worst of the winter weather. This is more important the first year. They are very tough and are still growing on old home sites with no care. The small bulblets that shake loose from the large corms can be planted about 1 inch deep with the large ones.

SEED of Parrot Glads - should be planted from mid summer on in sandy soil about 1/2 to 1 inch deep.

Bearded Iris

Plant these when you receive them. The top of the rhizome should be almost level with the soil. Make sure the roots are down in the soil deeper and firm. No air pockets. Water in good. They like full sun to half day sun.

Spanish Hyacinth

Plant 1 -2 inches deep in partial shade to almost full sun. Almost no way to plant them wrong. We star planting them in the Fall from mid September through October. They do well in partial shade and multiply. Very Easy to Grow.