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Some Bulbs transplant better green without drying out in storageThese Bulbs will be dug right before shipping  and carefully packed. Plant immediately when you receive them. We will start shipping Early Spring as soon as the weather is safe to transplant and transport the bulbs safely. We will stop shipping in November of 2010.
Our Minimum Order is $25.00 and our Minimum Shipping Charge is $8.00. At these Sale Prices you can fill up a large box fast.


IRIS PSEUDACORUS"flower-de-luces"

iris pseudacorus flower de luces
This is a European Species Iris that was grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. A Southern Heirloom that can really make a statement. Large upright foliage that can grow over six feet tall covered in bright yellow blooms in April that can be planted with bold Cannas and Crinums. Very easy to grow. It will form large showy clumps. You can grow it at the edge of ponds but some of the best clumps I have seen were growing in the yard and given extra water. Will even do well in partial shade. Excellent as large specimen plant in the Courtyard.
Now you can plant a large clump at these prices so order soon. These will ship Early Spring as soon as the weather is safe to transplant and ship.
Zones 4 - 9   SUN to PARTIAL SHADE      Prefers extra water like Cannas
 Five Fans for  $4.99 Instant clump VARIOUS SIZES
 Ten Fans for $9.00 Large clump VARIOUS SIZES
Thirty fans for  $26.00  Jumbo Clump  VARIOUS SIZES - BEST SALE PRICE EVER

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IRIS DARK PURPLE BEARDED KOCHII? NOID                                                         

Iris Kochi 
This Iris is from my Grandparents old place. It blooms early and may be Kochii, the Italian Iris written about in 'Garden Bulbs for the South'. We do not have a confirmed identification yet but it is so reliable here in the South, we wanted to include it this year. Shorter than even my Iris albicans, it packs a powerful color punch to any Spring Garden. A deep rich purple that will multiply into large clumps. Tough and long lived, it is a good companion for the Southern White Iris. Excellent choice for anyone with a less than perfect Green Thumb who wants stunning flowers in the yard. Will re-bloom in the Fall with care and put on a stunning show in the Spring even when neglected.
Limited availability this year so order early.
Zones 6 - 9    18 - 24 inches tall
One fan for $6.00 VARIOUS SIZES
Two fans for $11.00 VARIOUS SIZES
Three fans for $15.00 VARIOUS SIZES

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IRIS GERMANICA                                                            


A true Southern Heirloom Iris that is still found growing at old home sites with no care.  Rich purple bi-tone with lighter standards and dark purple falls. This is a tetraploid and has doubled the chromosomes of most Iris. This is one of the reasons it multiplies and thrives in the hot South.  The blooms are on 3 foot tall stems and very showy. Famous for being in Van Gogh's painting but better known in Dixie as your Grandmother's Purple Iris. North or South this is a winner. Early Bloomer


Zones   3-8   and upper 9           Approximately 3 foot tall


One fan for $5.00 VARIOUS SIZES


Two fans for $9.00 VARIOUS SIZES 


Three fans for $13.00 VARIOUS SIZES

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SOUTHERN WHITE BEARDED IRIS (Iris albicans)                           Heirloom

White Iris This is the first iris to bloom in the spring here on the farm. This is my Grandmothers iris and her Grandmothers iris. Has with stood the test of time and no southern garden would be complete without them. Grows and multiplies quickly. These can be planted around the base of tall pines for that true southern charm.

Zones 7 - 9                  12" - 24" Tall                   Blooms in Spring

Two Fans for $4.00 VARIOUS SIZES

Four Fans for $7.00 VARIOUS SIZES
Ten Fans for  $15.00 VARIOUS SIZES                    


RHODOPHIALA BIFIDA    The Southern Oxblood Iily                                                          

Stunning Red Blooms on 12 to 18 inch tall stems in the late Summer and early Fall. This miniature Amaryllis is one of the toughest long lived Bulbs that you will ever grow. Full Sun or Partial Shade in any kind of soil. Foliage stays green in the winter going dormant for the Summer. These Bulbs can be transplanted almost year round in the South. To quote Thad Howard in Bulbs for Warm Climates " no garden should be without it " These Bulbs will outlive you and I. No Green Thumb Needed Or Flowerbed. A rare Southern Heirloom available in limited numbers. so order early. Oxblood Lily Bulbs shipped this Spring should have time to settle in and bloom the first week of September.
Zones 7 -9   12 to 18 inches tall
3 Bulbs for $9.50 VARIOUS SIZES
10 Bulbs  for $25.00 VARIOUS SIZES
20 Bulbs  for $48.00 VARIOUS SIZES
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RHODOPHIALA BIFIDA PINK      The Pink Oxblood Lily                                                           

pink oxblood 
From our stash of Rare Bulbs we are offering the Pink Form of the Oxblood Lily. These are in several shades of pink and it only adds to their mystery. They multiply and set seed. That explains why some will be dark pink and others a light pink. I have even seen some salmon pinks. They are a favorite of mine to watch bloom and delight in a new color. Ours start blooming a few days before the Southern Red Oxblood.

Very Limited.
Zones 7-9     12 to 18 inches tall
3 Bulbs one each of a large, medium, and a small for $10.00

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Red Spider Lily                                                                   1634 ?

red spider lily These are true southern gems that bloom in the early fall. Bulbs are from the old triploid strain. These are much hardier multiplying rapidly into large clumps and bloom more readily than diploids. These bulbs will grow well even planted in heavy clay soils. They seem to prefer partial shade in the Deep South but I have seen them thriving and blooming in full sun and deep shade.  Red Spider Lily Bulbs shipped this Spring should have time to settle in and bloom the in the early fall.. See story here

Zone 7 to 10                           18" - 24"                         late summer


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Snowflakes  (Leucojum aestivum)                                       1596                          

Our southern Snowflake. Two to six white bell shaped blooms with green spots on the tips. They have been growing for generations at old home places all across the south. I have seen these growing so thick in partial shade you could not walk through them. A very old favorite planted with the daffodils. Snowflakes
like growing in damp heavy soil and prefer to be transplanted without the bulbs drying out. These should be replanted as soon as possible.

Zones 5 - 9                  15" - 24" Tall                   Spring Blooming




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