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January thru November 2010


**New**    Log Barn Mixed Daffodils

These bulbs are from the area behind the old log barn. We went back after the foliage turned brown to fight the snakes for these bulbs. I have observed the old incomparabilis (Sir Watkin, Stella ?) Lent Lily and some very nice Butter & Eggs blooming in that area for the last 3 years. This spring I got a very good look at them since the 3 large downed trees forced me to walk through them to get around to the area by the house where we dug the Treasure Hunt Rescue. Large clumps have become overcrowded and they are being overrun by thick brush. Since these bulbs were dug when they were dormant they completed their growing cycle making the move much easier on them. Most of these should bloom next spring with no problem. They will provide a fragrant long blooming display and will live longer than you.

"This is the the old farm where the very big snake sent me running and screaming to the truck last year."


 Log Barn and Daffodils Butter and Eggs Log Barn with WagonN. incomparabilisLog Barn and DaffodilsButter and Eggs

Sir Watkin  Stella ?












10 Bulbs for $14.00  assorted sizes

 20 Bulbs for $27.00  assorted sizes

 30 Bulbs for $39.00  assorted sizes





** NEW**  Fragrant Sunshine Mixed Daffodils


These bulbs are from my favorite display of a large side yard planting. It is where I photographed  the Smile at the Daffodils Photo that is pure sunshine. Planted long ago by someone who knew and loved Daffodils. She must have planned this for a major show since nearly all of them overlap in bloom for a breathtaking display. I have seen a lot of Daffodils but I will never forget the day I first saw these in bloom. I am very lucky to have a Aunt who married into the family that owns the old farm. There must be a whole family of armadillos homesteading the long vacant place and the dinner buffet is running right through these old daffodils. They are not after the bulbs but are digging them up to get to the grubs and other goodies living in the dirt around them.There are N.x incomparablis ( Sir Watkin, Stella ? ), A few long nosed Sir Watkins, Campernelles, Butter & Eggs, and unknown variations. We dug these after the foliage died down to the ground so it will be a true mix.

   smile at the daffodilsside yard 3

Smile at the Daffodils

side yard 1   side yard 2


5 Bulbs for  $7.95  assorted sizes

10 Bulbs for $14.95 assorted sizes

20 Bulbs for $28.95 assorted sizes




Southern Farm Daffodil Mix

These are the old daffodils I hold dearest to my heart. They are found on the old farms across the South and were planted by hard working proud southern people. They had no flowerbeds but had yards full of daffodils every spring. Strong survivors living on the land they loved. These bulbs are rescued from 3 old farms that belonged to 3 brothers. One was my Great Grandfather.

Each bulb is a living piece of my family history and part of their incredible journey through this life.

There could be other varieties in this mix, that I have not seen bloom. Some of them have been in too much shade or overcrowded. Below is a list of the ones I know are on these old farms.

Lent Lily, Campernelle, Jonquil, Sir Watkins, Van Sion, Texas Stars, Twin Sisters and Butter & Eggs

Van Sion  Daffodil Sir Watkin  Butter & Eggs

10 Bulbs Assorted Sizes $14.00

20 Bulbs Assorted Sizes $27.00

30 Bulbs Assorted Sizes $39.00 




Treasure Hunt Mixed Daffodils-My Great Aunt’s Daffodil Collection

I have found some daffodils that are unknown to me at this old farm. There were probably a lot more varieties before the old house burned. They were planted right up to the house and some are probably lost forever already. The one thing that is clear is she loved daffodils and somehow collected more varieties than just the usual for a farmhouse on a dirt road. The problem is they have become so overcrowded they are not blooming. The trees damaged by the fire years ago have started falling on them and we are running out of time to move them. A lot of these will be the Lent Lily, Sir Watkins and Butter & Eggs but I have found some real jewels. They seem to just appear in the wide area that has what I thought were Lent Lily. With daffodil foliage so thick you cannot walk through it without stepping on some and just an occasional bloom it is hard to tell what could be growing in this thicket of daffodils. This is not a good choice for instant gratification but if you can give them an extra year or two to recover they may reward you with a gift from a long ago daffodil collection.

          daffodil unknown  daffodil2010_1372    unknown

daffodil unknown           jonquil hybridjonquil found hybrid


5 Bulbs Assorted Sizes  $8.95

10 Bulbs Assorted Sizes  $15.00

20 Bulbs Assorted Sizes  $28.00




 homemiscellaneous bulbs

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