Rescuing the Southern Heirloom Daffodil Bulb

                                                          Southern Heirloom Daffodil Bulbs - 2011.

Southern Heirloom Daffodil Bulb Rescue
January to November 2011

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Heirloom Daffodils in North Louisiana     

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Time is running out to relocate these Southern Heirloom Daffodils

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Historic Narcissus in the South

Every spring you can find me down old dirt roads in the deep South where I search for Southern Heirloom Daffodils. The forgotten bulbs with names lost to history are my treasures. My family tolerates my odd behavior and lets me roam the old home places of our shared ancestors. This spring we have put some projects on hold to make time and room in a desperate effort to relocate Heirloom Daffodil Bulbs to safety.

For generations now my family has been hanging on to land that their Parents and Grandparents passed down to them. Very few of them are farming the land anymore and the pine trees and briars have been taking over crowding the Old Heirloom Bulbs out. Even when the timber is cut they destroy thousands of bulbs with the bulldozers and heavy equipment. Last spring with my new camera in hand I arrived at one of the old farms that has the best variations of the very old Daffodil Butter and Eggs that I have ever seen only to be devastated by the sight of downed trees and bulldozer tracks. So few had survived where thousands had bloomed for a hundred years. I pulled and tugged at the the small trees and large branches trying to move them off the top of the survivors. Desperate to do something I grabbed a shovel and started digging out the ones trapped under the larger downed trees. After hours of straining and lifting I sat down on the cold ground in defeat with my plans to photograph this forgotten place gone forever.


daffodil2009_1345 daffodil2009_1353

Southern Heirloom Daffodil Butter and Eggs

This year we will be moving as many of these wonderful old bulbs as possible. If you have room for any of these Southern Bulbs we will be offering them for a modest price to help cover expenses. You will need to also pay for the shipping charges. Working together we can relocate Bulbs that are a rich part of our history in the South. Every Bulb we move is in harms way. When these old Daffodils have survived a hundred years on a old home site and are safe please leave them for the future Generations to find their way home. Carry your camera and leave with a bouquet.

These Bulbs are Rescue Bulbs not the Bulbs we offer in our Fall Catalog. The Bulbs are being dug with the Landowners Permission. We will try our best to sort the different varieties but if the clump has a Butter and Eggs Bloom it is no guaranty that all of them are. It does indicate that probably most of them will be. 

Our objective this year is to relocate the bulbs in the most danger first.

 It was not a clear cut on the timber removed from the old farm where the best Butter and Eggs bloomed every year. Surrounded by nearly 400 acres of timber these daffodils have been safe in a large clearing where the old house once stood on tall pillars.This was probably the best stand of daffodils I have ever seen. Spring would turn the weeds into a sea of yellow. The sweet smell of jonquils filled the air. The Campernelle were on fire with color. Sir Watkins danced in the breeze. Butter and Eggs bloomed with green centers, pale yellow, creamy whites, blazing orange bits gleaming from the puffs of yellow. It sang a sweet southern song for my soul. What is left must be saved before the timber company returns for the saw logs. At this time I do not have the man power or the funds to prepare a large enough area to grow this many daffodil bulbs. We have several locations in crisis this year from aggressive blackberry briars forming thick mats and timber harvesting.

Another farm is owned by my Cousin that likes deer hunting. For years I have been watching this planting of almost 2 acres completely covered in the old Daffodil we call the Lent Lily with a few Texas Stars. It brings me great sorrow to inform you that almost half of them have been plowed under for a nice area of turnip greens and other plants sold in a seed mix to attract deer. This is a very old stand of a species Daffodil (The Lent Lily) that I have observed a great deal of variation in. Many are unique to just this planting. Mother Natures hand at her best created these lovely variations with a 100 years to work undisturbed. After arriving last Spring to discover the remains of "The Great Daffodil Massacre", I am concerned about the loss of the remaining ones to another planting later this year for the hungry deer.

Each location is so unique and distributing these bulbs will ensure their survival.

We are located in North Louisiana. If you are in driving distance arrangements can be made for pick up or delivery.

Replanting the Bulbs at your location is available.


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