How to Grow Daffodils in the South

                                                                   A little country wisdom on growing daffodils in the south.



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Growing daffodils in the south


A little country wisdom on growing daffodils

in the south.


1. Most daffodils like good drainage. The larger the daffodil the sandier the soil needs to be, for low spots and clay - plant jonquils.

2. Plant deep!!

    4” deep on small

    6” deep on medium

    8” deep on large bulbs

    It gets hot in the south and the deep soil is cooler for   them.

3. Plant with friends and family.

    Plant in groups where the roots will be touching, but you do not want the bulbs touching. I space them one to three inches apart with larger bulbs three inches apart. A clump will thrive and a single lone bulb will struggle.

4. Turn the sprinkler off, daffodils do not need extra water when the foliage dies down and they go dormant. Over watering will cause the bulbs to rot.

5. No mowing until the foliage turns brown and dies. And if you read that ole book on daffodils that suggested you braid the bulb foliage “Don’t”.. Find a neighbor's child and braid her hair.. And leave the poor daffodil foliage alone.

We have designed our website for you to be able to grow more varieties. We try to offer most bulbs in smaller numbers so even if you are on a budget you can still have the opportunity to select several different ones. Old Rare Bulbs and New Varieties will always be more expensive but this will allow more people to grow them even if they start with a couple of bulbs. We hope by combining our knowledge of growing bulbs in the south with more choices will help you plant your own spring show.
This website is written from a southern view to help gardeners in the south select bulbs that will grow in the south. Growing Daffodils in Dixie is a lot easier if you know what to plant. These beautiful bulbs will also grow easily in most of the north.

Please join us in our celebration of the bulbs that were so much a part of each family's memories. We also wish to offer a select group of the strong and sturdy bulbs that may be of new varieties but will thrive here in the South. We hope with a combination of the old and new, your garden will be a place of new memories.

Take all the time you need to relax and enjoy the website.. Let us know if you have any questions...