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Narcissus or Daffodils

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N. Pseudonarcissus (Lent Lily)    13Y-Y                      old species 1200

n.pseudonarcissus or Lent Lily
A wonderful old rare species daffodil. One of our first and longest blooming. Recommended and written about for the south. Pale yellow petals with a darker yellow trumpet. Charming antique look. True heirloom bulbs that start blooming early. My Great Grandmothers farm has thousands of these blooming every spring where they have grown from seed. If you are planting in the lawn or around pine trees this should be one of your best choices.
Zones  5-8                   10" - 12" Tall        Blooms early

2 for $6.00                   5 for $14.00        10 for $26.00


N. jonquilla  (SOLD OUT)                                         13 Y-Y                           old species  1612

N. Jonquilla
Very fragrant multiple small yellow blooms per stem. Thin round foliage and it can grow in clay. Well known for its ability to grow in wet conditions that would quickly rot other daffodils.  This one has thrived for generations in the south. Sets seed. See photo gallery of them naturalized here in north Louisiana. (SOLD OUT)
Zones  6-8                  10" - 18" Tall      Blooms mid spring

2 for $6.00                  5 for $14.00        10 for $26.00

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Red Spider Lily                                                                   1634 ?

red spider lily These are true southern gems that bloom in the early fall. Bulbs are from the old triploid strain. These are much hardier multiplying rapidly into large clumps and bloom more readily than diploids. These bulbs will grow well even planted in heavy clay soils. They seem to prefer partial shade in the Deep South but I have seen them thriving and blooming in full sun and deep shade.  See story Here

Zone 7 to 10                           18" - 24"                         late summer

3 for $5.00                              5 for $8.00                      10 for $15.00

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Star of Bethlehem(Ornithogalum Umbellatum)

Omithogalum Umbellatum 
Another bulb that is often overlooked. Because of its star-shaped flowers, it is named for the 'Star of Bethlehem' that appeared in the biblical account of the birth of Jesus. Bright white star shaped blooms in clusters. Simple to grow and adds charm to any planting. I love the green stripes on the back of the petals. I had never even thought of planting these until I saw them growing outside of Shreveport, Louisiana. They were in large clumps covered with blooms. That was all it took. We have not any problems with these being invasive this far south.
Zones 7 - 9                  12" - 24" Tall       Blooms Spring

6 for $5.00                   10 for $8.00        20 for $15.00
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Spanish Bluebells (Hyacinthoides hispanica)                              1601

Spanish Bluebells 
With everyone trying so hard at growing Hyacinths I am always amazed at how often this
one is missed. These bloom every spring at old homes in town. They demand so little and
grow into large showy clumps covered with blue bell shaped flowers. They are also referred
to as wood hyacinth. One of the best for naturalizing at the edge of the woods and under
trees. I have them under three large oaks.

Zones 5 - 8                  15" - 18" Tall                  Blooms mid-late spring

5 for $5.00                  10 for $9.00                   20 for $17.00

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Snowflakes  (Leucojum aestivum)                                       1596                          

Our southern Snowflake. Two to six white bell shaped blooms with green spots on the tips. They have been growing for generations at old home places all across the south. I have seen these growing so thick in partial shade you could not walk through them. A very old favorite planted with the daffodils.

Zones 5 - 9                  15" - 24" Tall                   Spring Blooming

 5 for $6.00                  10 for $10.00                  20 for $19.00

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Yellow Spider Lily (Lycoris aurea)

Yellow Spider Lily 
Our Southern Yellow Spider Lily. In October they appear on two foot tall bare stems. I like to think of them as a little southern magic. Bright golden yellow blooms that are very exotic. Loved for generations in the south and passed down from Mother to Daughter. Plant in partial shade and mulch to protect. Multiplies.

Zones 8 - 10                16" - 24" tall                    Blooms in the fall
1 for $6.00                    2 for $11.00                     3 for $15.00
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Parrot Gladiolus (G.natalensis)

Parrot Gladiolus 

A Southern Heirloom Gladiolus with bright orange and yellow blooms on 4 to 5 foot tall stems. Hardy, Multiplies! This is a rare old species gladiolus found growing on old home sites across the south. They are easy to grow and you do not have to dig them up in the fall in zone 7 and south. We have not had to stake ours and they multiply into large clumps. Each bloom looks hand painted with fine lines of orange running through the yellow on the back of the petals. The blooms are smaller than the modern hybrids but the stems are stronger. They have a wild flower charm that is always noticed.

Zones 7 - 10                         4' - 5' tall                    Blooms early summer
1 for $9.00                                      3 for $26.00                      10 for $85.00
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